About Us

The short story

Toolboks was born from frustration that nothing existed in the market specifically made  for the small contractor or small renovation specialist. We saw the need for a solution that tailored for the smaller companies and saved business owners time, money and frustration.

Lead the world!

Our goal is to become the leading software solution for small contractors.

It is a big goal, but small contractors deserve better service from software suppliers. We are well into the 21st century and so many industries have great solutions, why not contractors too.

“We have been in your shoes – it is as simple as that. We want to help you and stop you from working so many hours and from getting frustrated with doing stuff that technology should take care of.”

– Craig Langdon

The long story

It all started when Craig Langdon started working as a business development specialist with master builders in 2010. His first question to them was “what software are you using to manage your business?”. The answers that came back were not encouraging. Products such as Word, Excel, PDF, Outlook and various methods of project calculation were mentioned. The lack of togetherness of the process lead to poor communication, errors and unhappy customers.

Craig’s mind started to think about the problem. The businesses he consulted to improved, but the software solution was still missing.

In 2013, Craig was coerced into working within his wife’s business. A small renovation specialist that was pushing out up to 10 quotes per week. In the beginning, he helped out with quoting and ordering materials. In 2014 he was pushed into a project management role and that is when he started to get really frustrated. The multiple different software solutions started to drive him bonkers. He saw the same mistakes being made over and over again and felt that without the right kind of software it was extremely challenging to improve without excessive, costly administration.

And so after getting funding the development of Toolboks began.


The sole mission of Toolboks is to help small contractors and small renovation specialists.

“We do this by focusing on making everyday tasks easier and more automatic. This helps our users to save a buttload of time and allows them to give their energy to the things that really matter in their business”

Craig Langdon, CEO, Toolboks