Simple Contractor CRM

Looking for a straightforward and easy to use contractor CRM for your contracting business?

Run and manage your contacts, leads and sales pipeline from work, home or on the go.

Keep track of quotes that you have sent, review feedback and changes that customers would like. Improve your sales conversion rate through automated follow up.

All the while making sure that you have the highest quality quoting process so customers view you as the best at customer service in your area.

Sales Pipeline

Keep a close eye on your Sales Pipeline and increase your conversion rate

Supplier Management

Request quotes for projects and send specific material orders.

In The Cloud

Keep track of your business from anywhere on your mobile device.

Contact Management

Manage and communicate with all of your contacts from one location.


Manage RFQs, service orders and change orders.

Messaging System

Reduce communication issues by keeping everything in one place,


Set up appointments and keep track of your calendar

Manage Call Backs

Create and follow up call back orders. Figure out what is costing you money.

Cloud – Instant Access, Anytime, Anywhere

Toolboks is cloud contractor software for the modern small business. Run everything from the cloud. Access your quotes, projects and invoicing on the go.

Make informed decisions based on concrete, up to date information.

Everything is completely secure even if you drop your device from a ladder!

No more costly desktop software that needs constant updating. Everything is taken care of, so you just need to focus on your business.

Secure Data Storage

By storing the data for your contracting business in the cloud, your data has never been safer. We use multiple redundant servers at tier one data centers. Guarded 24/7/365 and we run backups every 10 minutes.

Our software has never been breached and we have never lost any data. We ensure that sensitive business information is guarded to the highest level.

Colloborate Online

Work with your team, suppliers and customers on your construction quotes, projects and invoices. Get access to the most up to date data from anywhere at any time. Invite an unlimited number of people for free. You control what each person can view.

PC, Mac, Mobile

Toolboks works on any web browser. This ensures that no matter what devices your customers, team or suppliers have they will all be able to access the information that they need.

Free Software Updates

Software updates are done automatically. You don’t have to worry about a thing. We take the continuous feedback from our customers and release updates on a regular basis.

Of course we will let you know about the changes we make and how they will make your life even easier.

No more sitting waiting for your computer to restart and software that crashes.

Everything Is Up To Date

All of your users will have the latest quote, project and invoice data . With Toolboks you are always using the most up to date information and can make informed decisions.

Control Your Sales Pipeline

Get a full grip on what is happening in your sales pipeline. Track all of your new leads, outstanding quotes, jobs lost and jobs won. Get a better insight into your business and learn if you quoting enough work to keep your business moving forward.

Toolboks is contractor sales pipeline software made easy!

Manage Call Backs

Call backs are an inevitable part of the contracting business, but how we handle them says a lot about our business.

With the Toolboks call back feature, you can create a call back record as soon as a problem arises and set a target date for when you expect it to be repaired.

This information can be communicated with the customer and you can allocate resources for the call back. Automatic reminders will be set to keep your crew informed of when they need to get back to the project and make the customer happy.

Manage Your Appointments

Take control of your time through more effective management of your calendar.

Book yourself solid or keep days free by having control of your appointments.

Give your meeting types the names that you would you like or use our standard set up.

Manage Your Contacts

View your customers, suppliers and subcontractors instantly.

Import your existing contact list in one go.

Add new contacts and appointments simultaneously.

Manage Your Subcontractors

Keep your subcontractors details updated and available at your fingertips.

Send requests for quotation directly from Toolboks and automatically follow up if you have not received information that you requested.

Reduce errors by sharing project information directly with your subcontractors.

Manage Your Suppliers

Not sure if you are getting the best deals, but can’t be bothered dealing with multiple suppliers?

With Toolboks, we reduce the admin and automate the process of dealing with suppliers.

Send requests for quotation directly to multiple suppliers.

Keep track of all communications, order automatically and send automatic follow ups.

Send And Receive Messages

Tired of tracking through emails to find something that you are sure a customer said?

With the Toolboks messaging system, lost communication becomes a thing of the past. Keep all communication and data for a project in one location. Making everything clearer for you, your team and your customers.

What if the customer insists on sending emails?

Simple, you just forward the email to a special email address that we give you with the project number in the subject line. The email will then be automatically added to the project communications.