Instant Contractor Estimating Software

The future of contractor estimating software is finally here!

If you don´t want to spend your evenings writing quotes and want to beat your competitors with faster, more attractive bids then you should try Toolboks.

With a revolutionary system that makes instant quoting possible, you can speed up your sales process and bid for more jobs in less time.

Check out the video to see how you will save time and impress your customers.

Collect Bid Data

Capture everything you need for your bid in one system.

Calculate Instantly

Amounts of time and resources are instantly calculated and added to your bid.

Include Photos

Pictures say 1000 words. Add images to your bids to give your customers a clearer view

Take Detailed Notes

Write down comments for different tasks and areas of the bid. Capture every detail for the future

Build Bids Fast

Build up your bids in record time. Get more offers sent out and have more time to follow up.

Send Bids Direct

Approve and send bids directly from Toolboks. No more PDFs. No more emails.

Online Approval

Customers can view and approve their bids online. No more lost contracts.

Attractive Bid Templates

Create professional bid templates that win over your customers with their quality and content.

Send RFQs

Contact multiple subcontractors with requests for quotation. Automated follow up to get their quotes on time

Precise Task Control

Adjusts tasks to match your team. Control how long tasks will take and material usage.

Import Supplier Prices

Import your suppliers price lists. Get instant access all of the materials they have available.

Construction Estimate Templates

Quickly create templates for your bids, save time and send bids faster.

Create contractor bids that convert!

We realise that contractor bids are not often considered to be beautiful things. At Toolboks, we want to turn that upside down.

The more professional (and beautiful) your bid, the more attractive it is to a potential client.

Your bid is extracted from QuoteBuilder into a document that is not only attractive, but also designed to convert.

Watch the video to learn how good your bids could look…

Add Photos to your Bid

On a typical bid there can be an extreme amount of details that need to be documented.

Capture images and insert them into your bids to provide specifics for your customers.

Reduce ambiguity and provide clarity.

“A picture says a thousand words and saves you from making a massive B*@ls up”

– Craig Langdon – Founder, Toolboks

Watch the video to see how taking pictures and attaching them to your bids can save you time and money…

Automatically Follow Up Your Bids

Enough to do without having to make follow calls on your bids? Toolboks can help you out!

With automated followup emails sent to your customers, you keep up the contact without lifting a finger.

See which customers have viewed your bids and how many times.

Fast Contractor Bidding Software

Toolboks is contractor bidding software made easy.

Take onsite measurements and enter them directly into Toolboks. Discuss and select solutions with the customer then review the specific details.

When you are back in the office drag and drop extra tasks into the bid where you see the need and review before you send out the bid.

Watch the video to learn how you will save time and send bids faster…

Build tailor made assemblies

By creating your own components, you can control the specific tasks and resources required for a project and how long you expect things to take.

Ensure that your bids then reflect exactly how you are going to perform the job and give the customer complete clarity on your offering.

Watch the video on how you can put together your own custom assemblies.

Build job tasks for your business

Manage how individual tasks are made up

Each task is made up of a series of materials and time resources. Fine tune these to match your business.

Toolboks provides you with industry standards for tasks, but experience has shown that each business we work with needs to fine tune tasks to match their capabilities.

Watch the video to learn more about tasks and how you can tailor them to meet your needs…

Collect Measurements For Your Calculations

The QuoteData tool is designed to save contractors massive amounts of time and frustration.

It is an extremely flexible tool that allows you to collect your measurements against specific rooms or areas.

You really have to check out the video to see how it can help you out…

Import Up To Date Supplier Pricing

Import your suppliers prices lists and have all their products at your fingertips.

Set your markups or price at retail.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to import your prices lists.

Instantly Calculate For Your Contracting Bid

Too much time spent calculating for your bids?

Toolboks takes away the hassle and does the calculating for you. Just put in your site measurements for a specific room or location and everything is automatically worked out for you.

Send Out Requests For Quotation

Tired of sending out RFQs to your subcontractors or suppliers and hearing nothing back?

With Toolboks, you can put your subcontractors in direct contact with your customers. You can specify the exact job that they need to complete and send out RFQs to multiple subcontractors.

Your suppliers get a material list to base their quote on.

Follow up is automated, so you won’t have to chase anyone anymore!

Get Approval For Contractor Bids Online

No more paper contracts!

With Toolboks your customers can review their bids online, then with a couple of clicks they approve your contractor bids online!

Get feedback faster on the bids that you send out and keep up to date with which customers have or have not viewed your bids.

Check out the video to see how your customers can sign online…

Send Contracting Bids Instantly

No more Word docs, PDFs or Outlook!

Just review your bid in QuoteBuilder, click approve and your bid is hitting your customers inbox in seconds.

Customers click a link in their email and review your bid online. They can even make comments on the bid and send it back for revision.

Detailed Notes For Your Contracting Bid

Sick of not getting the right details through to your team?

Toolboks allows you capture all the details for the project, the first time you talk to the customer. Take photos and make written notes for any part of the job.

Those pictures and notes follow through to the work orders that your team receive.

Create Construction Estimate Templates

With Toolboks you can save massive amounts of time by having construction estimate templates at your fingertips.

Within the powerful QuoteBuilder tool you can create and save your own templates for any type of project you like. Include all costs for labor, materials and subcontractors.

Over time you can develop a database of templates that will give you a massive edge over your competitors. Allowing you to produce specific detailed bids for potential clients in less time than you thought possible.