Contractor Project Management Software

Contractor project management software has never been easier to use.

Instantly access all of the details for your jobs and make sure you have the right information to make the right decisions.

Seamless flow from quotation to project helps you complete projects on time and as per contract.

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Customer communication

Keep track of all communication from initial contact to project handover

Take Photos

Pictures say 1000 words. Use them in communication and documentation of your jobs.

Manage Your Team

Add and remove team members. Tag them with skills and strengths.

Keep Notes

Take note of everything that happens in one place. Create tasks from notes made.

Schedule Projects

Drag and drop your projects into the schedule tool. Send updates to all involved.

Schedule Subcontractors

Give your subcontractors the information they need to arrive on time and prioritize your project.

Schedule Deliveries

Get materials delivered the right place and on time. Keep suppliers updated with schedule changes.

Order Materials

Split orders, schedule deliveries, send orders to suppliers and get confirmation.

Create Change Orders

Make sure your customers are happy by managing their change orders accurately and effectively.

Record Extra Work

Capture all extra work and keep your customers up to date with the economics of their project.

Record/Manage Call Backs

Help your team to get better by recording things that go wrong. Share the knowledge and improve.

Check Progress

Monitor the progress of your projects anywhere, anytime. Simple graphical presentation of info.

Plan Resources

Keep your people up to date on where they need to be and when.

Track Hours

Get your team to record hours against specific tasks. Understand the speed of your business better.

Contractor Scheduling Software

Trouble keeping track of all your projects? No problem, Toolboks will make it easy.

With a simple, drag and drop you will be in control of where your team are going and when. Another click and your customers, subcontractors and suppliers are instantly updated of any changes to the schedule.

Create And Manage Change Orders

Customers change their mind all the time. That is just how it is in this game. But how you manage changes is often how your customers can view your business.

Any change orders are added to the work order and your team are instantly updated on what has been changed. The team will then accept and confirm the update.

Your customers can see any change orders in their portal view as well as any economic impact that the change order creates.

Get Extra Work Paid For

Extra work used to be approved with a handshake or a phone call. Not any more – now, documentation and formal approval is critical.

Toolboks makes this process simple and formal. Reducing confusion for the customer and chance of arguments later.

As soon as something unexpected pops up, just grab the phone and call the customer. As you discuss solutions you can create an extra work order. Send this immediately to the customer and they can approve with a few clicks of a mouse when you are talking.

Get Materials Onsite When You Need Them

Can’t remember if you have ordered materials, or which supplier you ordered from?

Toolboks can help you with that. When you quote, you are actually creating a material order list in the background. When you win the job, all you need to do is select which supplier and when you want the materials delivered.

So with a couple of clicks everything is set in motion. Of course, if you need to make a change to the order, this is possible too.

Get Subcontractors Onsite When You Need Them

Getting subcontractors on site at the right time used to be quite a mission.

With Toolboks you keep them up to date and informed. Sending them notices of projects won and start-up dates.

Book them far in advance and get them to confirm. Send automatic reminders to keep them on track and focused on your projects.

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Instantly Check Project Progress

Struggling to keep control of how long your projects are taking?

Toolboks gives you an instant picture of where you stand on all of your ongoing projects.

As your team enters their hours into the system against specific project tasks, the project view will update.

Start to understand which teams produce on schedule and which teams need more training.

Keep Detailed Notes Throughout the Project

Written documentation is becoming more and more important.

With Toolboks you and your team can take notes on every aspect of your project. Keep records of conversations with team, customers, subcontractors and suppliers.

Never second guess yourself. Just review the notes and make informed decisions.

Manage Your Team

Not sure who is the best person for the next job on the schedule?

Use Toolboks to tag your team members with their work skills and quickly see where they fit into your upcoming schedule.

Add and remove members of your field crew quickly and easily.

Plan Your Resources

Struggle with planning jobs on a day to day basis?

Toolboks has a simple drag an drop solution for managing your staff and your projects.

Keep a birds eye view on your entire operation, identify opportunities to fit in small jobs where there are small gaps.

Record contractor call backs

How can you improve your business if you are not letting your team in on the contractor call backs that are being made?

Track and record everything that occurs outside of expectations.Whether it is deviations, mistakes, poor quality, supplier errors or poor subcontractor communication. With Toolboks, you can record them all and use them to improve your business.

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Take Photo Documentation Throughout The Project

Pictures say 1000 words. Taking photos that attach directly to tasks in a project can help you to record the quality of your work and be a quick resolution to disputes that may arise in the future.

Set demands on your team members to take photos on specific tasks and ensure that you are covered.

Online Contractor Timesheets

With the Toolboks online contractor timesheets function, you can get your team to complete their timesheets online. Completing their hours against specific tasks.

Gain control over how long your team are taking to do things and where improvements can be made.